Far Cry 5 Cheats 2022 [PS4 + Xbox One Codes]

Here is the list of updated Far Cry 5 Cheats that help you unlock new weapons, money, and other in-game resources.

Far cry 5 is the first-person shooting game that was released in 2018 by Ubisoft. It sets you in the fictional region where you have to catch the main villain of the game and present him before the court of law so he can be trailed for his crimes against humanity.

The villain is the leader of a local cult and controls everything in the region. You, along with a team of local deputies, sheriff, FBI agents, and other law enforcement agencies, go to the region to catch the villain.

After you spend some time in the forest, you will be able to recruit locals into your militia and use them against the forces of the cult.

Like other similar games, Far Cry 5 also offers in-game currencies and resources that make the game more interesting. You can also unlock items by using our cheats.

Far Cry 5 Cheats

Below, You can show Developer mode cheats and Console Commands PC. If you have any problem using Far Cry 5 cheats, please let me know in the comment section.

Developer Mode Cheats

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
F3Spawn point
O999 ammunition
F2Move to the next checkpoint
F10Load current position
F1Toggle first and third-person view
=Increase speed
F5Return to Default speed
Decrease speed
BackspaceToggle God mode
F11Toggle extra information
F9Save current position
F4Toggle no clipping
PAll weapons

Console Commands PC

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
\load_gameQuickly load the game
\map boatBoat Level (Load)
\map carrierCarrier Level (Load)
\map controlControle Level (Load)
\map damDam Level (Load)
\map fortFort Level (Load)
\map rebellionRebellion Level (Load)
\map researchResearch Level (Load)
\map steamSteam Level (Load)
\map trainingTraining Level (Load)
\map volcanoVolcano Level (Load)
god_mode_count=1God Mode
\map archiveArchive Level (Load)
\map bunkerBunker Level (Load)
\map catacombsCatacombes Level (Load)
\map coolerCooler Level (Load)
\map factoryFactory Level (Load)
\map pierPier Level (Load)
\map regulatorRegulator Level (Load)
\map riverRiver Level (Load)
\map swampSwamp Level (Load)
\map treehouseTreehouse Level (Load)
give_all_weapons=1All the Weapons

How To Use Far Cry 5 Cheats?

Far cry five cheats work for the Windows operating system only, so only PC players will enjoy these added benefits of cheats.

Using these cheats doesn’t require extraordinary knowledge, and you will be able to enter them again after learning the correct way to do so with this ultimate far cry 5 cheats using the guide.

Before using these far cry 5 cheats, you need to play the game in developer mode. You can do so by following these guidelines.

  • Open the properties section by right-clicking on the shortcut icon
  • Enter “~DEVMODE” at the end of the name of the game
  • Click “OK” to close the properties menu

Now that you have entered this command line, the game will open next time in the developer mode, which means you can easily enter these cheats.

Before entering these far cry 5 cheats, you have to open the command console in the game.

  • Double click on the far cry 5 shortcut icon to open it
  • Start a game and press “~” to open the console window
  • Enter the console commands given above to enjoy their effects.

There are two ways to use cheats; one is to manually type commands in the console while you can press some keyboard keys without pausing the game to use their effects.

FAQs on Far Cry 5 Cheats

How do you get unlimited money in Far Cry 5?

To get unlimited money in this game you have to use some cheats. And here I share the list of cheat codes so check it out and use it.

How to enter cheats in Far Cry 5?

It depends on which method you are using. There are two methods avialable and here in this article I coverd both.

How do you become invincible in Far Cry 5?

There are few cheats available to become invincible in the far cry game. But it may not work on some other devices so you have to try and test.

Are cheats avialable on Far Cry 5 game?

Yes there are few cheats avialable for this game which you can use to make your game more easy and interesting.


These were all the available Far Cry 5 cheats that you can use to get free unlimited ammo so you can shoot as many bad guys as you want without worrying about the damn bullets, which are always difficult to come by.

Other far cry 5 cheats will unlock all the available weapons right from the start of the game, which makes it easy for you to survive in the bad land.

If you like to check out more game cheats then do check out our Adorable Home Cheats and Far Cry 6 Cheats article.

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