Oblivion Cheats 2022 – Xbox 360 + PC Codes

Oblivion cheats act as a helping hand for players during their adventure in Cyrodill. Elder Scroll Oblivion is the fourth installment of the popular action role-playing video game called Elder Scroll.

Players don’t have to follow a strict routine and can tackle challenges and quests in the game at their pace in the Oblivion game. At the start of the adventure, players select their skills and upgrade them as they increase their character level.

The map is massive, so traveling becomes hard, but developers have added fast travel locations across the map to enable players to reach their destination in the blink of an eye. Oblivion cheats turn on the god mod which makes you the ultimate god.

A variety of different tools and weapons are available to help you deal with every situation. You can kill enemies on the map to receive these items or go to a shop and buy them with money.

Oblivion Cheats

Some of the Oblivion cheats in the list provide you with items and skills, and you have to enter the exact number at the end of the cheat, or the cheat won’t work.

If you are getting sick and tired of the rainy day or want to get rid of the sun, just use Oblivion cheats to change the weather accordingly.

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
helpList console commands
equipitemEquips item
advlevelForces a level-up with the level-up screen
qqqExit the game without using the menus
player.additem 0000000F XAdd X amount of Gold
ShowSpellMakingForces up spell creation screen
player.additemGives the player the given item and the amount of the item.
advskill skill XForces a skill level up X amount of levels
player.AddItem 00000000 XGives you X amount of item 00000000
tgmGod Mode (enter while not targeting)
SetPCFameGives you fame
SetPCInfamyGives you infamy
KillallKill everything
player.AddSpell 00000000Gives you the spell 00000000
coc testinghallTeleports player to an area with all objects, monsters, and NPCs in-game
coc toddtestTeleports player to developer testing grounds
player.payfineGuards cease attacking you, the bounty is paid off
SSGCreates a window with the full game scene graph
ceasecombatImmediately ceases the combat of the selected friend/foe
player.setAVIncrease (Or decrease) Ability or Attribute
movetoqtTeleport to quest target
Click any human or creature, type “kill”Instant kills
Player.killKill yourself
PlaceAtMe id, number,X,YSpawns a creature, NPC, or item
lock [value]Lock a door
lock [1-100]Lock selected door or container
player.placeatmeSummon NPC
setscale XChange object size, where X=1 is regular .5 to 2 changes size
tfcFree Camera
SetItemValue AmountSet item price
StopCombatCharacter ceases combat
psbAdd all spells to player
ModDisposition ObjREF AmountModify character disposition towards ObjREF
MoveTo ObjREFMove target to ObjREF
modpcs skill 100Add 100 points to the skill
Player.CreateFullActorCopyPlace another “Yourself” near you.
modpca luck 100Add 100 points to an attribute
PCBPurge cell buffer. This will free up used memory
dropamount- Drops item
RemoveAllItemsRemove all items from Target
player.setstageAdvances specific quest to the specified stage
player.completequest Remove active quest
ShowbirthsignmenuChange your birth sign
player.removeitemRemove any item
showclassmenuChange your class
player.setcrimegold 0Remove Bounty on your head
DeleteFullActorCopyRemove the selected target if it was a copy created with CreateFullActorCopy
Drop TypeREF AmountAn item drops the selected target’s inventory
player.removespell Remove specified spell
resurrectResurrect targeted monster/human.
SetActorFullName “John Doe”Change Character’s name
hairtint (red/green/blue)Change hair color
savegame [filename]Save game
FOV XChange the angle of your point of view
PRID PlayerSelect yourself as a target
SetCrimeGold 2000Set a bounty on Character’s head
setcamerafov [degrees]Set camera field of view (75 by default)
player.setlevel 1Changes player level to the desired number. Use 1-255
SexChangeChanges your gender
SetCrimeGold 2000Set a bounty on Character’s head
setcamerafov [degrees]Set camera field of view
pov [X]Set point of view angle
SetAV AValue AmountSet some ability or skill
caqsCompletes all quest stages
SetPos X ValueSet the target’s X coordinate
DuplicateAllItems DestinationObjREFCopy items from the target into DestinationObjREF
set timescale to XSet the speed at which time flows, X=30 is the default
CreateFullActorCopyCreate a fully identical copy of the target
SetBarterGold AmountSet amount of gold a merchant has for trade
GetPos XShows the target’s X coordinate in the scene. Y and Z are also valid. Use Player.GetPos X or “014”.GetPos X to find out where you are on the X-axis!
setweight XXXSet the item’s weight to XXX
UnEquipItem TypeREFTarget deactivates an item of a given type
Look ObjREFTarget looks towards the referenced object
showfullquestlog XShow all log entries for an indicated quest (use quest ID)
SetAV Aggression 100Target attacks anybody it doesn’t like
showquestlog 1Show completed quest log
StopLookTarget ceases looking
showquestlog 0Show the current quest log
TAIToggle AI
showquesttargetsShow current quest targets
TDETECTToggle AI detection
showquestlogShow quest log
tcaiToggle combat ai
ShowClassMenuShow the class selection screen
TDTToggle debug display
ShowRaceMenuShow the name/race/appearance selection screen
tfhToggle Full Help
TGToggle grass
ShowBirthSignMenuShow the sign selection screen
TLLToggle land LOD
tmm 1Shows all map markers
TCLToggle collision
TLVToggle leaves
TFOWToggle fog of war
TSToggle sky
TTToggle trees
TMHide all menus
twsToggle water
ShowSubtitleToggles NPC conversation subtitles
TWFToggle wireframe mode
twrToggle Water Radius
unlockUnlock target object

How To Use Oblivion Cheats?

With this list of working Oblivion cheats, you can do wonders in the world of The Elder Scroll, but you have to first manually activate them.

In case you don’t know how to activate them, here is a complete Oblivion cheats activation guide for you. These cheats are just some command lines that you have to enter on the command console.

  • Open Oblivion
  • Start a game and press the “~” (Tilde) key
  • Enter the cheat on the command console
  • Activate it by hitting the “Enter” key

FAQs on Oblivion Cheats

How do I give myself an item in Oblivion?

First, while you are playing the game press the ~ button from the keyboard, enter the cheat code of the item you want, and press enter.

Are there any cheats for Oblivion?

Yes, there are many cheat codes available in the Oblivion game and you can use all of them depending on what you want to unlock in the game.

What is the most powerful weapon in Oblivion?

If we have to choose one and most powerful weapon in the Oblivion game then it should be Umbra Sword according to me.


This is the complete process of how you can enter cheat codes in the Oblivion game and also cover all the cheats.

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