Far Cry 6 Cheats List 2022 [Tips And Tricks]

If you want to become a pro in this game, then must try our updated list of Far Cry 6 Cheats, tips, and tricks that help you unlock new weapons, resources, and items.

Far cry 6 is a first-person adventure shooting game that was released in 2021, and it is the sixth title of the popular Far Cry series.

The game is set on a tropical island named Yara, where a dictator named Anton Castillo is ruling. Given their oppression and killing of innocents, a revolution is started, and you will be a soldier of that revolution to throw the dictator out of power.

You take the role of a local of Yara and fight with enemies to liberate your nation. And that also without using cheats in Far Cry 6.

The game features five different types of missions, including main storyline missions, side missions, military targets, and treasure-finding missions.

In terms of weapons, the game is quite progressive as it features prototype weapons like a slingshot projectile launcher and a nail gun.

Invite your friends and family members to fight against the forces of Castillo in a two-player co-op mode. And unlock many levels of games in Far Cry 6 using some cheats and tips

If you need more resources to upgrade weapons, go on treasure hunting missions to get the required resources.

To go hands in hand with guerilla fights, resolver weapons are also available, which are completely unique compared to default loadout. In side quests, you will help locals of Yara to live their normal life by attacking occupying forces. 

Far Cry 6 Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

If you want to start your far cry 6 journeys with a bang but can’t find any far cry 6 cheats, here are tips and tricks that you can implement.

Follow these tips to prepare for any situation and learn about things that you should know on your adventure.

Learn about Enemy Locations

The game map shows all the enemies that you have scanned or not as a red cloud. To view a dot that specifies their location, you have to scan them first.

If you see a red cloud instead, get ready for battle because there are enemies nearby. The color intensity of the cloud indicates the number of enemies in the area. But with changes in color, you are able to defeat enemies with Far Cry 6 Cheats.

Avoid Strong Enemies

Some enemies are much stronger than you can imagine in far cry 6and the red health bar indicates how strong they are. The bigger the red bar, the stronger the enemy will be.

Avoid these enemies and only engage with them if you have enough firepower to finish them because they can end your adventure.

Finish Enemy Medics

To make things realistic, developers have also added enemy medics who will revive enemy soldiers who are wounded in the combat. If you engage with an enemy, finish them off, or the enemy medic will revive them.

Arrange Weapons with Far Cry 6 Cheats

You can equip a maximum of four weapons at the same time in far cry 6 and press the Y button from the keyboard to view all the equipped weapons. These weapons include three main shooting guns along with a sidearm such as a pistol.

Use Accessibility Settings

Go to the settings section and find the accessibility menu there to toggle them according to your needs. You will be able to find enemies in a crowd and engage with them to finish them before they know what happened.

Collect Important Materials

You need materials to craft items on the workbench in far cry 6, and you will find these materials on the game map with cheats.

Some of these materials are quite difficult to find, so look around for them and don’t miss any opportunity to pick them. This way, you will complete game missions and end up with enough materials to craft more items.

FAQs on Far Cry 6 Cheats

Does Far Cry 6 have cheats?

Yes, there are some cheats available in this game. But it’s not like the code you have to enter. Check out this article for more details.

How do you get unlimited ammo in Far Cry 6?

Unless you are using the mod version or cheating in this game it is not possible to get the unlimited ammo.

How do you use a cheat engine in Far Cry 6?

Here in the article, I cover the complete process to use the cheat engine in the far cry 6 games. So check it out for the complete process.

What is the fastest way to make money in Far Cry 6?

According to me if you want to make money faster in far cry 6 then complete the Los Bandidos Operations.


For now, there are no working far cry 6 cheats available on the internet, and only third-party trainers are available. These trainers provide you with effects such as unlimited health, unlimited ammo, and other items free of cost.

Moreover, some far cry 6 cheats, tips, and tricks are given below so you can deal with all the tasks in the game single-handedly.

These cheats, tips, and tricks are by pro far cry 6 players, and they will surely make things a lot easier for you. Make necessary changes in these tips and tricks according to your needs as well, and don’t hesitate to try new things in the game.

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