Kotor 2 Cheats 2022 [PC + Xbox Cheat Codes]

Here is the list of updated Kotor 2 Cheats that help you get unlimited kits, remove the fog of wars, add new levels, and much more that make your game more interesting and enjoyable.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2, also known as Kotor 2, is an RPG by Obsidian Entertainment that was released in 2004.

This was one of the first Star War titles to leave the turn-based approach behind. You will be able to enjoy all those combat scenes in third-person view and pause the game whenever you want to do something else.

Start your adventure by creating your dream character, or let the game handle the character creation. And while playing the game use Kotor 2 Cheats to make your game more interesting.

Once you have dealt with the main objectives of the game, enjoy some mini-games such as a card game named Pazaak or the swoop bike racing game.

Kotor 2 Cheats

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
setcomputeruse 1-99Computer Use skill to the indicated level
setstealth 1-99Stealth skill to the indicated level.
setpersuade 1-99Persuade skill to the indicated level.
setsecurity 1-99Security skill to the indicated level.
setstrength 1-99Strength attributed to the indicated level.
setconstitution 1-99Constitution attribute to the indicated level.
setwisdom 1-99Wisdom attributed to the indicated level.
addexp #experience to your character.
turboPress W or S to move faster; repeat to disable.
restartminigameRestart mini-games if you lose
addlightsideLight side points.
revealmapShow the entire map when you press the M key.
giveitem #Spawn indicated item.
giverepair100 Advance Repair Kits
givesecspikes100 Section Spikes
infiniteusesLimited use items never expire.
warp #Travel to the indicated map.
setdemolitions 1-99Demolitions skill to the indicated level.
setawareness 1-99Awareness skill to the indicated level.
setrepair 1-99Repair skill to the indicated level.
settreatinjury 1-99Treat Injury skill to the indicated level.
setdexterity 1-99Dexterity attribute to the indicated level.
setintelligence 1-99Intelligence attribute to the indicated level.
setcharisma 1-99Charisma attribute to the indicated level.
addlevel #the indicated number of levels.
invulnerabilityEnable God Mode with this Kotor 2 Cheats.
brightTurn darkness into brightness.
adddarksideDark side points.
givecreditsGet additional credits.
givemed100 Med Kits
givecomspikes100 Computer Spikes
givesitharmour100 Armor
whereamiShow your exact location on the map.

How to use Kotor 2 Cheats?

Kotor 2 cheats are available, and you can use them to boost up your skills without grinding at all. Some other console cheats let you add the desired number of experience points on the character screen.

Become the ultimate god with Kotor 2 cheats and defeat enemies single-handedly. Before making any changes to this game, make sure to create a backup, as sometimes these edits corrupt the game file.

If this happens, you will lose your progress and have to reinstall the game. To use Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 cheats, you need to first enable the command console by editing a game file.

  • Go to the game folder and search file name “swkotor2.ini” file
  • Use a text editor and open this file
  • Go to the games option section in this file and change the text “EnableCheats=0” to “EnableCheats=1.”
  • Save the file and play the game

Now that Kotor 2 cheats are enabled, you can now open the command console while playing the game by pressing “~” and enter these cheats to enjoy their effects.

Some of these cheats require you to enter a specific value, such as leveling up cheats and experience points cheats, etc.

FAQs on Kotor 2 Cheats

How do I enable cheats in Kotor 2?

You can do it by going to the main game folder -> Open up swkotor2.ini -> and add then adding EnableCheats=1 in this line. And save the file.

How do I access the console in Kotor 2?

To access the console in this game you just simply have to click on the ‘~’ button on your keyboard. And after you can use your console.

Are cheats available for Kotor 2?

Yes, there are cheats available for this game that will unlock many features and make your game easy and interesting.

How do I get more components in Kotor 2?

There are two ways to do it. First keep playing the game and once you reached good level automatcally you will get components in the game. Or you can use the cheat codes to do the same but quickly.


These were all the available Kotor 2 cheats and console commands that you can use for your benefit. You will have extra fun with these cheats by dealing with things without doing hard work at all.

Become overpowered by instantly leveling up your character as well as skills separately. These cheats are a good way to make things easy for you.

If you enable these Kotor 2 cheats, they will affect your current character only and won’t affect other saved games.

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