Adorable Home Cheats & Codes 2022 [Tips]

Here is the list of updated Adorable Home Cheats and Codes that make your game more interesting and enjoyable.

Set on a virtual adventure with an adorable home by moving to a new house along with your partner. When you and your partner move there, you learn that the house is pretty outdated, and you have to redecorate it all the way from the start.

Your goal is to make your house beautiful compared to all the nearby houses. Access the built-in shop to buy furniture according to your taste.

Your partner works in the office all day, so you have to deal with house chores by yourself. Buy the complete cooking range for your kitchen and cook delicious meals for your partner.

When you are free, spend time with beautiful kittens and feed them with their favorite food. And you can use cheats and codes in the adorable home video game.

The game also features a retro camera that you can use to take pictures of what is around you and save them in an album.

The album will help you go through all your memories by taking you into a flashback. Various characters are available in adorable homes, and you can choose the desired character according to your preferences. Live in this virtual doodle world on your handheld device.

The memory of the camera is limited so try to delete photos that you don’t like to clear up some memory and take more photos.

Complete tasks to earn hearts and buy new items from the game store with them. If you are short on hearts, use adorable home cheats to get unlimited hearts in seconds.

The game store shows all the available furniture items according to their categories, and you can apply advanced filters to view only the much-needed item at a glance.

Various versions of the same item are available, and you have the option to save some hearts by buying low-quality items or spend all your savings to buy the best item.

Adorable Home Cheats And Codes

Here are available active/working Adorable Home cheats and codes.

Cheats CodesHow It Will Help You
uniquefasns1500 Hearts
uniquefasns200 Hearts
Adorable15MGet Hearts
AHInstaNCHYGet Hearts
IloveAdorableHome500 Hearts
AdorableHome40K400 Hearts
StayAtHome1500 Hearts

Adorable Home Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

Only adorable home codes are available as the game doesn’t support any cheats at all. If you want to set your virtual house with the best furniture items and earn unlimited hearts, here are some adorable home cheats, tips, and tricks by pro players that you can follow.

Feed Cats

When you feed cats in an adorable home, you earn their love, and feeding cats is a profitable method to earn hearts.

Cat foods come with a price, but it’s worth every penny given the amount of love you receive. Various types of foods are available, and each will keep your cat happy for a limited time.

Learn how different foods affect happiness and use them according to the situation to save money while getting maximum benefits.

Prepare Bento Box

You have the option to choose the gender at the start of the game, and it doesn’t matter which gender you choose because you will stay at home.

Your partner will go to work, and you have to prepare a bento box for him or her. The bento box includes the main dish, a side dish, and a sweet dish. And to get more hearts use the adorable home cheats and codes.

Various options are available for preparing the bento box, and you should shuffle between them to show how creative you are. You have to purchase a bento box design once with hearts.

Buy Gift Boxes

When you complete the tutorial, you have to deal with a lot of different things, and you will get confused.

Purchasing is the most difficult because you have to save hearts for other tasks and get things done.

If you have some free hearts, use them to purchase cat gift boxes from the in-game store. You can purchase one for six hundred hearts, and they are worth it.

FAQs on Adorable Home Cheats And Codes

What is the secret code in Adorable Home?

There are quite a few codes available in the adorable home which are uniquefasns, Adorable15M, AHInstaNCHY, and many more.

How to use cheats in Adorable Home?

There are a few codes available in Adorable Home and you can simply use them as any redeem or promo code in the game.

How do you get infinite hearts in Adorable Home?

There is no way available or no cheats available to get infinite hearts in the adorable home. If you find any codes for it probably it will not work.

Are cheat codes available in Adorable Home?

Yes, there are some codes available that you can use to get free hearts in the game. And here in this article, I covered all.

Wrapping Up

Adorable Home cheats, tips, and tricks are a great way to reduce your efforts and still have enough hearts for all your needs. These tips and tricks are by professionals, and you will surely enjoy the game by implementing them.

Moreover, you should also experiment with new stuff by yourself and adjust according to your gameplay style. If you have some free time, make sure to watch video ads to earn free hearts.

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