Stranded Deep Cheats [PC, PS4 & Xbox One]

It is time to enjoy Stranded Deep Cheats like never before as this article features a complete how-to guide along with a list of working cheat codes.

Stranded Deep is a survival game for Windows, Mac, Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. The game starts when your plane crashes somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, and you are the only survivor left.

You will face a lot of different problems like in real life and have to make a strategy to tackle them accordingly. Use Stranded Deep cheats to access the command console and do anything you want.

There is a day and night cycle where you have to take ample rest at night, or you won’t be able to do anything. Harvest resources and use them to craft new materials to make survival on the island easy. Manage your hunger, thirst, sleep, and health.

Stranded Deep Cheats

You may take this game lightly, but it isn’t, and you have to do everything manually without these game cheats. While all the fun in the game is playing without cheats but Stranded Deep codes makes things easy on you.

CheatsHow to Help You
fps (True/False)Displays FPS
help listshows what commands you can use
clearclears the command history
dev.log.viewshows the player log-in console (True/False)adjusts fog display
dev.console (True/False)opens the testing menu, allowing you to spawn items
dev.time (0-24)This allows players to change the time of day
help (command)describes a certain command
dev.log.dumpcreates a log on your desktop
dev.log.clearclears console log
dev.godallows players to fly and not take damage, players will take fall damage if they are too high when it is toggled off

How To Activate Cheats in Stranded Deep?

Just like many other games, you can only use game cheats in the developer console, which can be accessed by following these steps.

  • Open Stranded Deep
  • Start a game
  • Tap the “\” key from the keyboard to open the developer console
  • Enter these Stranded Deep cheats on the console
  • Hit the “enter” button to enable cheats

These game cheats work only when you enter them, as mentioned in the list. Make a mistake, and the cheat won’t work, but you can overcome this issue by copying Stranded Deep cheat codes instead of remembering them.

FAQs on Stranded Deep Cheats

How do you activate cheats in Stranded Deep?

To activate cheats in this game press \ key, it will open the console, enter your cheat codes there and press the enter button.

Can you use cheats in Stranded Deep PS4?

As of now, there are no cheat codes you can use in this game if you are playing it on the PS4. But you can use all the cheats on your PC game.

Is Stranded Deep free to play?

No, this game is not available for free you have to buy this game to play. You can buy it from steam or from the official website.

Is Stranded Deep a good game?

Yes, this is a really good game especially if you like a kind of realistic game then this game must deserve a try.


As you know now that there are cheats available for the Stranded Deep game and you can find all of them above in the table. But all those cheat codes will only work if you are playing the game on your PC.

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