Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes [Working Cheats]

Have you been searching for Lego Batman 2 cheat codes for Xbox but couldn’t find any? If yes, then congratulations as you don’t have to go anywhere else for cheats and codes in the future.

Lego Batman 2 is a perfect mixture of Legos and Batman to provide you with the best of both worlds. It was released in 2012 for Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS, and Android.

The game is confined to Gotham city only and you will visit some nearby locations from time to time. Explore the city at your pace and unlock new characters on the way. Use a mixture of traditional combat moves and special abilities to deal with enemies.

For the most part, there are no guns in the game while only some high-level bosses have guns that are challenging to handle.

In such situations, just use Lego Batman 2 cheats. The main storyline is quite big while a few side missions are also available to keep you engaged.

Cheat Codes For Batman Lego 2

If you are ready to save Gotham city, here are some working Lego Batman 2 cheats to give you an edge over enemies. With these cheats, you can find the desired items or double up the production of the currency.

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
9ZZZBPUnlock Clown Goon
ZQA8MKUnlock Mime Goon
Q285LKRiddler Goon
C79LVHHarley Quinn’s Motorbike
W49CSJUnlock Lex bot
95KPYJTwo-Face Goon
MNZER6Attract Studs
TPJ37TCharacter Studs
4LGJ7TExtra Hearts
TPGPG2Fall Rescue
LRJAG8Minikit Finder
5KKQ6GRed Brick Finder
74EZUTStuds x 2
JXN7FJVine Grapples
7TXH5KExtra Toggle
MBXW7VGold Brick Finder
RYD3SJPeril Finder
ZXEX5DRegenerate Hearts
JN2J6VSuper Build

How To Use Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes?

Using all the above-given Lego Batman 2 cheats can be difficult but not for you as you have come to the right place. Complete the following guidelines, and you will be done in a few seconds.

  • Open Lego Batman 2 game
  • Start playing and pause the game whenever you want
  • Go to the “Extras” menu
  • Tap on the “Enter code” option
  • Copy Lego Batman 2 cheat codes from this website
  • Paste them into the empty bar

FAQs on Lego Batman 2 Cheats

Does Lego Batman 2 have cheat codes?

Yes there are some cheats available in this game that you can use in the game and here I share the complete list of them

How do you get infinite studs in Lego Batman 2?

To get more studs in this game you can use the cheat code 74EZUT which will double the stud you have easily.

How do you get x10 studs in Lego Batman 2?

As of now, there is no option available that can get you x10 studs in this game. But you can use other cheats to get x2 studs.

How to activate cheat codes in Lego Batman 2?

To activate the cheat codes in this game go to the Extras menu while you are playing this game and there will be the option to enter the code.


Here I share Lego Batman 2 Cheat Codes that can help you to unlock many things in this game. And make sure you check out the process to enter the codes for more details on the process.

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