ARK Cheats List 2022 [PS4 + Xbox One Codes]

Here is the list of updated ARK Cheats that help you fly to your destination or instantly teleport in the game. Ark is an action-packed survival game from 2017 that Studio Wildcard developed. Go on an adventure in the dinosaurs-filled world and survive.

Various beautifully designed maps are available, and you will survive on one such map. On your trip, you will also meet other humans who may think of you as hostile and attack you, so be ready to fire at will.

You can enjoy the dinosaur’s world from both first-person as well as third-person perspectives. Spend some learning all secrets of dinosaurs to tame them or simply use Ark cheats to get them.

Establish a base so you can spend your night there, as dangerous monsters are more active at night. Find weapons and upgrade them to increase their effectiveness against monsters. Taming dinosaurs isn’t easy because some need more time while others are hostile at first. 

Ark Cheat Codes

Afraid of damage dealt by other humans and dinosaurs, just turn the god mode on with Ark cheats, and you won’t receive any harm even if they attack you.

Have enough materials in the inventory but haven’t unlocked those advanced crafting recipes yet? Ark cheats can instantly unlock all recipes to make you self-sufficient.

ARK Cheats For Dinosaurs

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
Summon<type>Spawns a specified creature at your location.
SummonTamed<type>Spawns a tamed creature at your location.
GMSummon<“Type”><Level>Spawns a tamed creature of a set level
GiveDinoSet<tier><qunatity>Spawns set of dinos with saddles.
0Raptor, Dilo, Trike
1Raptor, Carnotaurus, Thylacoleo
2Rex, Spino, Paracer, Therizinosaur
3Rex, Rex with Tek Saddle, Daeodon, Yutyrannus, Therizinosaur
FlyersPteranodon, Tapejara with Tek Saddle, Argentavis, Quetzal
SiegeMekMek, M.S.C.M., Element, Cannon Shell (Extinction)
ShieldMekMek, M.D.S.M., Element
ExtinctionEnforcer, Gasbags, Snow Owl, Gacha, Managarmr, Velonasaur
Mek3 Meks, one with each module
MissleMekMek, M.R.L.M., Element, Rocketpod

ARK Cheats For Player Commands

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
GodToggles god mode protects you from all damage
GMBuffGodmode plus infinite stats and additional experience points
LeaveMeAloneCombines the cheats God, InfiniteStats and EnemyInvisible
FlyLet’s you fly. Use ‘Walk’ to disable
GiveEngramsUnlocks all crafting recipes
GiveColorsGives you a quantity of each dye
ForceTameTames targeted dino, and dino is rideable even without a saddle
InfiniteStatsRefills health, stamina, oxygen, food, and water
EnemyInvisibleAll creatures ignore you, even when attacked
ChangeSize <value>Changes your size by this multiplier, the default value is 1
GhostActivates noclip mode. Use ‘Walk’ to disable
GiveEngramsTekOnlyGives you all Tek engrams
DoTameTames targeted dinosaurs (if it’s tamable)
ForceTameAOE <Radius>Tames dinos in a specified radius

ARK Cheats For Creative Mode

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
GiveCreativeModeSets you in creative mode
GiveCreativeModeToPlayer<PlayerID>Toggles creative mode for players you are targeting
GiveCreativeModeToTargetToggles creative mode for a player using their ID

Cheats For Genesis Dinosaur

Main Code: Summon<type> or SummonTamed<type> (Change type of Genesis Dinosaur in Main Code, For Example: summon shapeshifter_small_character_bp_c)

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
shapeshifter_large_character_bp_cLarge Ferox
insectswarmchar_bp_cInsect Swarm
hapeshifter_small_character_bp_cSmall Ferox

ARK Cheats For Weather And Time

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
The Island expansionstarttime
Ragnarok expansionstart rain
stop rain
start electricalstorm
stop electricalstorm
start sandstorm
stop sandstorm
start superheat
stop superheat
Aberration expansionstartquake
Extinction expansionstart meteors
Scorched Earth expansionstart_superheat

How To Use Ark Cheats?

To use Ark cheats in single-player gameplay mode, follow these steps.

  • Open Ark
  • Start a game
  • Press the “Tab” key to bring up the command console
  • Enter Ark cheats on the console
  • Enable Ark cheats

For multiplayer mode, you need to have the admin password of the server. If you already have, just type the password along “EnableCheats” text. Ark cheats remain the same for both modes, while some multiplayer cheats require you to enter “admin cheat” text.

FAQs on ARK Cheats

How do I use cheats on ARK?

While playing this game press the TAB key on your keyboard, it will open the console and enter cheats in that console.

How do you get infinite stats in Ark?

To get infinite states in the ark you have to use the ‘GMBuff’ cheat code in this game. You can check out the process for more details.

What are the cheat codes for Ark?

There are plenty of cheat codes available in this game that you can use and here you can find all of them.

How do I give myself XP in Ark?

It depends on how you want to give XM in the ark to yourself and according to what you want you can choose any cheats mentioned above.


Make sure you use the ARK cheats as per the process we mentioned above. This process is only valid for PC users. But if you are playing ARK on PlayStation or Xbox then the process can be a little different.

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