Mount And Blade With Fire And Sword Cheats

Mount and Blade Fire and Sword cheats are available, and you can use them for effects like dealing damage to enemies or teleporting to the desired location on the map.

Mount and Blade Fire and Sword is a role-playing game that takes you to the seventeenth century so you can fight and the role of the whole world.

It is a stand-alone expansion of the Mount and Blade, which was released by Paradox Interactive. Mount and blade Fire and Sword cheat codes let you test new strategies.

The game is set in a more advanced period compared to the previous titles of the series, so you will also enjoy some old guns and pistols. Choose a faction from five available options but choose wisely as only three of them have their separate stories. 

Mount & Blade Fire and Sword Cheats List

Mount And Blade Fire and Sword are massive games in terms of map size and game content. Going by the book is very hard if you are looking for quick fun, but Mount and Blade Fire and Sword cheat codes turned things fun now.

CheatsHow to Help You
CTRL + XIn the inventory, it gives you 1,000 Gold
CTRL + F6Knock out one of your troops
CTRL + X1,000 Experience Point Bonus
CTRL + WAdd 10 points to weapon proficiency
CTRL + F5AI Fights For You
CTRL + HFull Health
CTRL + F4Kill Enemy Automatically
CTRL + TSee All Parties
CTRL + F9Slow Motion
CTRL + F3 C/li>Hurt Yourself
CTRL + F3Hurt Allies
CTRL + SHIFT + F6Knock out all of your troops
CTRL + Left ClickTeleport Party to Cursor

How To Use Mount And Blade Fire and Sword Cheats?

Before using these Cheats, you have to manually enable the cheats from the configuration. If you don’t know where this menu is, follow these steps.

  • Double click on Mount And Blade: fire and sword icon
  • Check the “Enable cheats” option from the confirmation menu
  • Start a game and press the above-mentioned keys

To use specific cheats, you have to first access the menu mentioned next to the cheat. For example, you have to be in the character section to use Mount And Blade Fire and Sword cheat codes for experience points.

FAQs on Mount And Blade

How do you enable cheats in Mount and Blade Fire and Sword Cheats?

To enable cheat codes in this game you have to open the menu, click on the Enable cheats option from there, and restart the game.

How much is Mount and Blade With Fire and Sword?

Depends on from which country you are buying this game. But around $5.99 and you can buy the game and enjoy it.

Can you cheat on Mount and Blade Fire And Sword console?

Yes, you can use cheats in this Mount And Blade With Fire And Sword game using the method we cover above.


As you know now how to use cheats in the Mount And Blade With Fire And Sword game. Make sure you check out the complete process to use it and avoided any errors to happen.

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