Age Of Empires Cheats List [Working Codes]

If you have been searching for working Age of empires cheats along with a guide about how you can use them? You have landed on the right page.

Age of empires is a real-time strategy game by Xbox Game Studios. As the name suggests, the game revolves around empires from Asia, Africa, and Europe.

You will start at the beginning of humanity and pass through various ages to reach the current time. Watch the complete journey and learn how we reached here while playing Age of empires.

The game is based on accurate historical events, and you have a chance to relive them and make a difference. A total of twelve civilizations are available in the Age of empires. Need resources or money? Activate Age of empires cheats for free unlimited resources and other stuff.

All thanks to its mechanics, which were ahead of their time, Age of empires was ranked as one of the best games at the time of its release.

Age Of Empires Cheats Codes List

The list of Age of empires cheats is very long, so it becomes difficult to remember and activate them all at the same time. To avoid this, simply copy Age of Empire cheats from this website and paste them directly into the message section.

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
cheese steak jimmy’s10,000 food
rock on10,000 stone
wimpywimpywimpyCommit suicide
MarcoFull map
aegisInstant building
resignLose campaign
how do you turn this onShelby AC Cobra
torpedoSlay select opponent
alpaca simulatorAlfred the Alpaca
furious the monkey boyLittle Monkey
lumberjack10,000 wood
robin hood10,000 gold
ninjalui100,000 of all resources
natural wondersControl animals instead of men
poloDisable Fog of War
I r winnerWin campaign
to smithereensSaboteur unit
black deathSlay all opponents
woof woofFlying Dog
I love the monkey headUseless villager
torpedo1Slay Opponent 1
torpedo2Slay Opponent 2
torpedo3Slay Opponent 3
torpedo4Slay Opponent 4
torpedo5Slay Opponent 5
torpedo6Slay Opponent 6
torpedo7Slay Opponent 7
torpedo8Slay Opponent 8

How To Use Age Of Empires Cheats?

The process of using Age of Empire cheats remains the same for all the available titles. This is a good opportunity for players who have already played the previous titles in the Age of Empires series. Here is how you can activate Age of Empire cheats.

  • Open Age of empires
  • Tap on the “Enter” key to access the chat section
  • You can also tap on the chat icon to do the same
  • Enter Age of empires cheats on the message bar to activate them

FAQs on Age Of Empires Cheats

Is Age of Empires still available?

Yes, this game is still available for your windows and mac PC. You can find it on the official website and download it from there.

How do you enter cheats in Age of Empires?

There is a chat icon available in the top right, click on that and there you can enter cheat codes in the age of empires game.

Is Age of Empires for PC only?

Yes, all of the versions of the age of empires game are available for PC only especially for windows users.

Does Age of Empires have cheats?

Yes there are many cheat codes available in the Age Of Empires game and here you will find all of them and you can use them in the game.


So here we have covered the Age Of Empires Cheats that you can use in the game to unlock many things. And also cover the complete process of how you can enable and activate the cheat codes in this game.

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