Merge Dragons Cheats 2022 [Android & iOS]

If you want unlimited coins, bricks, and other in-game items, check out the updated Merge Dragons Cheats, tips, and tricks list that make your game more interesting.

Don’t miss this chance to discover a magical land filled with mysteries and dragons. Merge Dragons is a merging game where you will combine dragons to upgrade them to a more powerful version to defeat other dragons in this mythical land.

Thick clouds have covered this mystical world, as well as zombies, have also impacted this world in a bad way. Collect stars, magical flowers, dragon eggs, and trees from the game world and use them in your adventure.

Hatch dragon eggs to get new dragons and combine them without using Merge Dragons Cheats. Solve puzzles to win big rewards and make your camp grow. For extra rewards, try to complete those daily quests as they provide you with something good.

The game features more than five hundred different objects that you can merge along with eighty different challenges. As you progress through those challenges, they will get harder and test your skills like never before.

Collect dragons of different breeds by hatching eggs and merging them to create new breeds of dragons.

Create a jack of all dragons to get the job done. Visit dragon camps of your friends and family members to learn new merging and hatching skills from them.

Join a den of like-minded players to progress together and get help from them if you are stuck at a difficult level or don’t know how to merge dragons according to the target. 

Merge Dragons Cheats

There are different types of Merge Dragons cheat codes, Using those cheats you can get dragon gems and other exclusive items.

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
AK_8MqipQmcauldron of 3200 dragon gems
OC_ML949MjndDragon Gem Payout
JN_93MMniPooliPile of 100 dragon gems
T3_98NmDjnThe bonus of 960 dragon gems
IN_jf2MMJIm5Bag of 400 dragon gems
NOC_Jfm2MiPaEWBag of 250 dragon gems
AK_8MqipQmCauldron of 3200 dragon gems

Merge Dragons Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

As you already know that there are no working merge dragons cheats, so here are some tips and tricks to save your day and help you perform better. These tips and tricks are tested by pro players, and they work all the time.

Start a new level by spending all items

If you are sick of wasting those coins and bricks right at the start, this tip is for you as you will be able to save coins and bricks without enduring any loss at the start of the level, which was the case earlier.

Just stop saving them for the future and use them where they are required. And you can always get 400-3000 gems using cheats in Merge Dragons game.

Get more coins and bricks by playing levels

The game requires you to make a magical area before you can rule the entire land, and you can do so by leveling up only. Playing high level will reward you with a large number of bricks and coins. Along with coins and bricks, you will also earn dragon gems by applying this tip.

Save some dragon gems

You need some time to refill the stamina bar again, but this trick reduces the time to some extent. Wisely spend your dragon gems and spend them for stamina only in highly rewarding events to get the most out of them.

You will never run out of dragon gems, and your stamina bar will also refill fast. Make sure you used all available cheats and merge your dragons to a high level.

Earn coins by selling dragon chests

You need dragon gems to open dragon chests in merge dragons, and only some of them reward you with good items. You should instead sell these dragon chests to earn coins.

FAQs on Merge Dragons Cheats

How do I enter cheats on Merge dragons?

First of all, there are not any cheats available for this game. All the codes that are available are promo codes. And you can simply use it as you use any other promo codes.

How do you get free Dragon gems in Merge dragons?

There are a few methods you can try which include playing Quests, watching video ads, and winning the events in the game.

What is the fastest way to get Dragons in Merge dragons?

Few things you can try include merging dragons into high-level dragons, and winning and opening chests in the game.

What are Cheats for Dragon Gem Payout?

You can use the OC_ML949Mjnd cheat code in the game to get your dragon gem payout in the merge dragons game.

Wrapping Up

For starters, Merge Dragons don’t support any cheats at all, so you will not find them anywhere. Some websites feature fake merge dragons cheats, but you should stay away from such websites.

Block those websites and bookmark this website because it features working redeem codes instead, which you can redeem for free rewards.

Any websites which are offering merge dragons cheats will usually be filled with false adverts and viruses. Instead, this article features some cheats, tips, guides, and tricks that you can use to perform better.

These tips and tricks will work fine if you do everything as mentioned. If you like to check out more game cheats then do check out our Egg Inc Cheats and Gunblood Cheats article.

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