Gunblood Cheats 2022 [All Tips, Tricks, Codes]

Here is the list of updated Gunblood Cheats that help you quickly unlock invincibility, increased fire rate, get unlimited ammo, and much more.

Gunblood is a shooting game by Hippo which is all about shooting your enemy before they shoot you to win a round.

It is a western-style shootout game where you challenge other cowboys of the town for a duel and defeat them to show who is the biggest gunslinger in the town.

As you defeat more cowboys in duels, the whole town will fear you, and nobody will dare to stand in your way.

There are a total of nine AI cowboys in the game, and you will engage in a duel with them on your mobile phone. Gunblood cheats are available to save your day and let you become the top gunslinger without even doing anything.

The only thing that matters in these duels is who will take the gun out of the holster first and fire a bullet at the opponent.

Both opponents will have their guns holstered at the start of the round. The speed of firing bullets, accuracy, and remaining health at the end of each round impact scores, and the gunslinger with the highest scores will win.

You will receive six shots and have to prove that you are no match to your opponents by firing those six bullets only. Draws can also happen to incase both gunslingers are alive but don’t have any bullets left in their guns.

The Cheats section is available on the home screen, which means developers want you to activate gunblood cheats.

Bonus rounds are also available once you defeat enough gunslingers. During these bonus rounds, your goal will be to hit objects instead of the assistant.

The interface lets you select the desired gunslinger based on its appearance and gender. Touch the chamber at the bottom of the screen to shoot bullets and win the round. The health is indicated by a bar at the top of the screen.

Cheats Gunblood For All Gunes

Here is the working Gunblood Cheats list for all guns.

Cheats CodesHow It Will Help You
MOREAMMOGet infinite ammo
FASTFIREShoot faster and then normal
POINTERAdd a laser pointer to the gun

Gunblood Cheat Codes – Level Passwords

Below, Gunblood cheats for level passwords. If you have any equations related to them, let me know in the comment section.

LevelPasswords List
BONUS1Bonus 1
BONUS2Bonus 2
BONUS3Bonus 3
BONUS4Bonus 4

How To Use Gunblood Cheats?

Gunblood can be very difficult for beginners, or you haven’t learned those pro moves, and this is where gunblood cheats kick in.

If you don’t know how to activate gunblood cheats, here are the guidelines that you can follow to do so. You apply these cheats after starting the game only.

  • Open the Gunblood game and go to the character selection screen
  • Select your desired character from the available presets
  • Find the bar where the “Cheat” word is written below the character screen
  • Copy the desired gunblood cheat and paste it into the bar
  • Hit “Enter” from the keyboard to activate the cheat and enjoy its perks

FAQs on Game

What are the cheats for Gunblood?

There are a few cheats available for this game which includes: MOREAMMO, FASTFIRE, NOHIT, POINTER, etc.

Can I Play Gunblood on my Phone?

Yes, this game is available on the google play store. You can download it from there and play it on your mobile phone.

What are the cheat codes Gunblood?

Here in this article, I share the complete list of Gunblood cheats so check it out for more details.

How to Play Gunblood on PC?

You can play this game on your browser. Just open any browser available on your pc and search for this game. You can easily play it.

Wrapping Up

Getting all these working gunblood cheats and activating them was one thing, as you still have hard work to get the top spot.

This list of cheats will be updated whenever new cheats are available. If you don’t want to search on the internet again for cheats, just save this webpage on your browser and visit it later for gunblood cheats as well as cheats of a large number of other popular games.

These cheats are a great way to get over a difficult enemy, but you should use them with extreme care as they can also cause errors and bugs.

If you like to check out more game cheats then do check out our Egg Inc Cheats and Hay Day Cheats article.

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