SimCity Cheats List [Android & iPhone Codes]

No need to search for SimCity Cheats anymore as this article features the complete cheat codes list along with a complete guide to activate them.

SimCity provides you with a once-a-lifetime chance to become a mayor and design a modern city with all facilities such as water, electricity, roads, sewerage, education, health, entertainment, etc. You start just a piece of land and use the available budget to build infrastructure so more people can move into your city.

Along with usual buildings for residents, build special buildings for the management of the city and monuments to celebrate the glory of your virtual city in style. As the population of your city increases with time, you will be making money by collecting more taxes as well as by activating SimCity cheats and spending the money on the betterment of the city.

SimCity Cheats [Money]

Most of the available SimCity cheats on this list are used to turn in-game features on or off according to your needs. If these cheat codes weren’t enough for you, use a cheat to turn the debug menu on and take the cheat experience to a whole new level.

CheatsHow to Help You
ALT+WAdd $100,000 to City Budget
ALT+CToggle Crime On/Off
ALT+AToggle Air Pollution On/Off
ALT+HToggle Homeless Sims On/Off
ALT+GToggle Garbage On/Off
ALT+UToggle Futurization
ALT+NToggle infinite ControlNet
Ctrl + Alt + WAdd $5,000 to your profit
Lshift+Ctrl+CDebug Menu (not much use)
ALT+SToggle Sewage On/Off
ALT+PToggle Ground Pollution On/Off
ALT+MToggle Health Issues On/Off
ALT+FToggle Fire On/Off

How To Use SimCity Cheats?

These SimCity cheats only work in the sandbox mode. Don’t know how to enable these cheats, just use this guide to finish this struggle once and for all.

  • Open SimCity
  • Start a new game in Sandbox mode
  • Use cheats during the gameplay

The best thing about these SimCity cheats is that they are just a combination of shortcut keys so you can remember them effortlessly. Disabling these cheats doesn’t require any special moves, and you can press the same shortcut keys to do so.

FAQs on SimCity Cheats

Are there any cheats for SimCity?

Yes, there are some shortcuts available in this game that you can use to cheat in the SimCity game and we share them all.

How do you use cheats in SimCity

To use cheats in this game you have to start the game in the sandbox. And then you can use all the shortcuts I mentioned above.

How do I get unlimited money in SimCity?

To get unlimited money in this game you have to press ALT+W while you are in the sandbox mode in the game.

How do you unlock everything in SimCity?

You can not unlock everything together. But you can do it one by one using the cheat codes we shared here in the article.


So these are some cheats of SimCity and exactly these are not the cheat codes. But shortcuts you can use while playing the game to unlock many things and get free money in the game.

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