Dying Light 2 Cheats 2022 [Xbox, PC, PS4 & PS5]

Can’t complete a difficult mission or upgrade a skill? Dying Light 2 Cheats are here to save the day. Dying light is a zombie survival and a sequel to the 2015 game called Dying Light 2.

This game is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Windows, and Nintendo Switch Your character is equipped with many parkour skills and uses them to travel between various locations on the game map. Melee attacks are available, along with some specials for dealing with enemies. It is set in an urban location with tall buildings and some survivors.

The game map is very big, and you will spend quite some time learning about new routes and hidden locations. Get raw materials with dying light 2 cheat codes to special craft weapons such as spears, shotguns, and bows to deal with zombies. There are two factions, and you will have to destroy the other faction while working for the betterment of your faction.

Dying Light 2 Cheats List

All these Dying light 2 cheats work and offer everything that you need, such as max health, all skills, unlimited ammo, god mode, free money, etc.

You may find some more cheats over the internet, but they require you to patch the game, which comes with its own risks, so avoid them as much as you can.

CheatsHow to Help You
God ModeEnables God Mode
Free CameraEnables free camera, letting you move around the world
Force Weather TimePick game time
Unlimited AmmoGrants unlimited ammo
Force WeatherPick weather type
DamageCheatPick between standard damage, one-hit kills, and minimal damage
Give 1000$Grants 100 old-world money
Restore HealthHeals you up
All skillsGrants all skills
Drop HealthDrops health to the minimum amount
Use TPP VisSwitches to a third-person camera

How to use Dying light 2 Cheats?

Dying light 2 cheats lets you change the game’s files according to your requirements. Remember to create a backup of all the files that you replace, as sometimes installing third-party files may corrupt the game. To activate these cheats, you have to download and install the developer menu mod first.

  • Extract the developer menu mod file
  • Paste the file into the main folder of Dying light 2
  • Replace existing files
  • Load Dying light 2 and start a game
  • Open the developer menu
  • Enter cheats

FAQs on Dying Light 2 Cheats

Are there cheats for Dying Light 2?

Yes, there are some cheat codes available for Dying Light 2 game. And here we shared all of them so you can copy and use them.

How do you get unlimited items in Dying Light 2?

Depending on which item you want unlimited you can use the particular cheat code for that, there are cheats available for all.

How do you use a cheat engine in Dying Light 2?

To use the cheat engine in this game there is a process you have to follow and above we covered the complete process. Check it out for more details.

How do you become invincible in Dying Light 2?

You can enable god mode in the game by using the cheat. And after that, you can become invincible in the dying light 2.


As we discussed there are a few cheats available for the Dying Light 2 game and we covered them all in this article. If you think we missed any please let us know in the comment box.

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