Fishdom Cheats & Tips 2022 [iPhone & Android]

Only two Fishdom Cheats methods are available, but they are third-party and require you to download the game, which means you have to say goodbye to achievements and other official game stuff.

Fishdom is a popular puzzle game by Playrixwhere you can solve interesting puzzles and design a fish tank. Deep dive into the world of fish tanks and decide what your fish tank will look like in the end.

Puzzles are match-3, where you have to match three similar tiles to achieve the goal, while power-ups can clear many tiles at the same time, but they are quite difficult to get.

Compete with players and show them your puzzle-solving skills. Enjoy this free puzzle game on your mobile phone without an active internet connection.

Along with puzzles, a large number of mini-game are also available to bring a variation to the game. Buy more items with in-game currency to make your journey easy.

Fishdom Cheats, Tips, And Tricks

Without any Fishdom cheats, it is very hard to decorate your virtual fish tank and make it the most beautiful fish tank in the entire game. But don’t worry and use these Fishdom cheats, tips, and tricks instead to put up a better show.

Manually Detonate Power-UPs

Similar to many other puzzle games, Fishdom also features many power-ups, such as bombs and firecrackers, etc., to help you clear out the puzzle in fewer moves.

To get these puzzles, you have to match a specific number of puzzle tiles in one move. For example, match five pieces to get a bomb or four pieces to get a firecracker.

While these power-ups are supposed to go off automatically, you have the option to use them whenever you want manually. Just double-tap on the desired power-up and see the magic.

Feed Fishes Without Fishdom Cheats

As the owner of the fish tank, all the available fishes are your liabilities, and you have to keep them happy without using any fishdom cheats.

Feeding is an important task of the day, and fish will get hungry over time. If you feed your fish well, they will drop a gold coin or two from time to time.

Make a Plan

At first, the game may look easy to you, but it isn’t easy at all, and you need to make a plan, or you will be in deep trouble. Without a proper plan, you will get stuck at difficult levels and run out of resources like coins and power-ups. Luckily, the game doesn’t feature time-limited puzzles, so analyze the puzzle at the start to find any possible power-ups.

Collect Additional Points (No Fishdom Cheats)

The game provides you with many ways to earn additional points without using any Fishdom cheats. The most useful is to keep buying new items and decorating your fish tank.

Add new fishes to your tank and collect additional bigger beauty points. Some Fishdom cheats also provides you with these points, but they should be your last resort.

Decide Your Moves

Fishdom tries to help you by suggesting to you all the available moves of the current puzzle if you don’t make a move for some time.

This may look good at first, but you should avoid this as far as possible reason being that these moves aren’t beneficial at all and will make things worse for you in most cases.

Instead, look at the puzzle by yourself and decide your moves. You can take ideas from these hints but should rarely use them without alterations.

FAQs on Fishdom Cheats

How do you get more moves on Fishdom?

There are a few tricks that you can use to get more moves in the fishdom game and I share all of them in this article, check it out for more details.

Are cheats available in Fishdom?

No, if you are playing this game on mobile there are no cheats available unless you are using the mode version of this game.

How many levels does Fishdom have?

In Fishdom, there is a total of 7000 levels are available. And the developer may add more in future updates.

How to use cheats in Fishdom?

No there is no way to use cheat codes in the Fishdom game. The only way you can do this is by using the mod version which is unsafe and not recommended.


In this article, we share some tips and tricks on the fishdom game as there are no cheats available. But by using the above tips and tricks you can improve your game for sure.

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