Cities Skylines Cheats 2022 [Xbox One + PS4]

Here is the list of updated Cities Skylines Cheats that help you get unlimited money, unlock new buildings, and much more.

Cities Skyline takes you to a virtual land where you can start your new city and develop it to make it look like some of the most developed cities. As with many similar games, the search for cities skylines cheats also began from the start, but developers added the option of cheating themselves to save time.

You will start the journey with just a small piece of virtual land but can buy more land as you progress in the game. A limited amount of money is provided to you so you can pave new roads, lay water pipelines, lay power lines, and start construction of residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

New buildings will also be unlocked, and you can enable Cities Skylines cheats to get unlimited money to provide everything to citizens that they need. Build parks and cinemas so citizens can enjoy their free time as well as hospitals to treat them when they get sick.

Cities Skylines Cheats

The best cheats of Cities Skylines is unlimited money because so many people can’t afford to buy in-game money (exchange with real money). Here we provide free unlimited money cheats as well as Oil, Ore, Soil, or All Unlocked and Developer UI Menu cheats.

Unlimited Money Cheats

  • Firstly, Open the game on your devices.
  • Find the “main menu” and click on “Content Manager”.
  • Next, Click on the “MODS” options.
  • Then select the first option “Unlimited money” and check your wallet.
  • I hope you can get money, If you want to get more money then follow the steps frequently and use Cities Skylines cheats.

Oil, Ore, And Soil Cheats

  • If you want unlimited Oil, Ore and Soil then click on the check box on that option (Contact Manager>MODS>Oli, Ore, And Soil).
  • Also, you can unlock all items. Just check all boxes.

Developer UI Menu

  • Firstly, Load Up Steam
  • Find the Cities Skylines option and click right on it.
  • Next, Click on Properties.
  • Click on General and next Launch Options.
  • Finally, Type –enable-dev-u.
  • Now, Activate the Developer UI when you change all of the themes.

FAQs on Cities Skylines Cheats

Are there cheats for Cities Skylines?

Yes, there are a few ways you can cheat in the cities skyline game. And here in this article, we cover all of them so for more details you can check out.

How do you unlock everything in Cities Skylines?

There are a few things you can unlock like unlimited money, oil, ore, and soil by using a cheat code in this game.

How do I make more money in Cities Skylines?

You can do it by increasing the revenue of your city. Or you can simply use the cheat code method we share here to get unlimited money.

How to use cheats in Cities Skylines?

To use a cheat code there few ways available. Depending on the code you want to use the method will be different. Check out our article for more details.


These Cities Skylines cheats will get you through the ups and downs of your journey as the mayor of the city, but you can turn on the developer UI to take more control of the city like never before.

It lets you change how buildings progress and unlocks along with effects on everything else. Unlock this developer UI by using the steam launcher. Go to the properties of the game and enter “enable-dev-UI” in the launch options.

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  1. I’m new to Cities Skylines. I attempted my very 1st try at it utilizing the cheat options, just as a way to get my feet wet. Subsequently, when I tried to delete the save It will not let me. I have Cities Skylines Xbox One Edition. There is no Control Manager in the Menu Options. I have to select load, select on the game I wish to delete and then press X to delete it. It allows me to do that one non-cheat game saves. But not cheat game saves. It is so irritating that I am not able to delete that 1st initial attempt to build something. HELP!!!!!!


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