Terraria Cheats 2022 [Mobile, PC, Xbox, PS4]

If you are stuck somewhere in Terraria or want to take complete control of your multiplayer server, Terraria cheats are your best option.

Terraria is an open-world adventure game for Windows, Nintendo, Mac, and Xbox. The game was a joint venture of DR Studios, Engine Software, and Re-Logic and was released on 2011 as a sandbox where players could be their bosses.

It features single-player and multiplayer gameplay modes to cater to all your needs. Connect your device to the internet and enjoy the open world with thousands of players from around the globe or play it offline in single-player mode.

The adventure begins after you choose and customize your character and enter the beautiful virtual world afterward.

It supports Terraria cheats with a separate console command so you can kick players from your server or change the time of the multiplayer server according to your needs.

Terraria Cheats

There are active cheats codes of Terraria, help these cheats you can win more games.

Cheats CodesHow to Help You
NUMPAD 1Infinite health points
NUMPAD 2Infinite air while swimming
NUMPAD 3Infinite mana
NUMPAD 4Infinite mana rocket boots
NUMPAD 5Infinite ammo
NUMPAD 6One hit kills
NUMPAD 7250 items on each pickup
NUMPAD 8Infinite items while building
NUMPAD 9Infinite items while creating
NUMPAD 0Activates the teleporter
NUMPAD +Save current position
NUMPAD –Load last position

How to use Terraria Cheats?

To use Terraria cheats, you need to access the console first, which can be accessed by the following method. Terraria cheats aren’t available for the single-player mode.

Kick desired players from the server as well as ban them. Cheats will activate as soon as you hit enter, and you can enter them again to deactivate them.

  • Open the game and go to the main menu
  • Select the multiplayer mode
  • Tap on “`” without pausing the game to access the console
  • Write above given commands and hit enter to activate these cheats

FAQs on Terraria Cheats

Can you cheat in Terraria?

Yes there are a few methods available and with them, you can cheat in this Terraria game and the best way to do it is to use cheats.

How do you get God mode on Terraria?

To get god mode in this game you can use TShock or you can use cheat code in-game also to able this mode.

How to enter cheats in Terraria?

To enter a cheat code in terraria go to the main menu, click on multiplayer mode, and press the ‘~’ button.

How do you give yourself stuff in Terraria?

Simply use the give [item name] [playername] [quantity] command in the terraria game to give yourself stuff.


This is the complete list of Terraria cheats, along with a complete so you can use them effortlessly in the game to make things easier on you and get things done.

These cheat codes only work on the PC version of the game, and no cheats are available for other versions of the game, such as Play Station and Nintendo.

With these Terraria cheats, you can accomplish new goals and try new things in the game as the command console itself is available at your fingertips.

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