Subnautica Cheats [Xbox One + Ps4 Codes]

Subnautica cheats are a bunch of commands for the console that enables you to get any item you want without doing anything or instantly teleporting to the target location.

Subnautica is a video game where you have to survive in the depths of the ocean available on the Xbox and PlayStation. It is developed by Unknown World Entertainment.

You are on course to visit an alien planet but your spaceship crashes. Your goal is to stay alive by any means necessary until help arrives.

Collect resources to keep yourself healthy and fight off enemies. You will be provided with tasks that you have to complete to get rewards. The task will get difficult as you explore more oceans which means better rewards.

Subnautica cheats make it easy for you to get rid of enemies without a stretch. Watch out for hunger and thirst because you will lose items from the inventory if you die in the ocean.

Subnautica Cheats Codes List

Subnautica cheats provide you with unlimited health and oxygen as well, as you can instantly finish a building. To improve the submarine, you have to get blueprints which are quite difficult to find but not anymore.

The UnlockAll cheat will instantly unlock all the available blueprints in Subnautica and you don’t have to enter all the cheat codes one by one.

Cheat CodesHow to Help You
OxygenUnlimited oxygen
NocostNo resources required
UnlockAllUnlocks All Blueprints
SurvivalSurvival Mode
HardcoreHardcore Mode
Spawn Seamoth 1Spawns 1 Seamoth
DayTime Is Day
Speed (1-5)Change Speed (1 Default)
Item (Item) (Amount)Get any items you need
PlayerInfection5Cures Kharaa Bacterium
Warp (Biome)Get Biome
MadLootGives Useful Items
NightTime Is Night
Spawn Exosuit Spawns Prawn
Sub CyclopsSpawns Cyclops
FreedomFreedom Mode
CreativeCreative Mode
FastbuildFast building
NodamageUnlimited health

How To Use Subnautica Cheats?

Before activating Subnautica cheats, you have to first turn on the command console which itself is a struggle. Here are the step-by-step guidelines to turn on the command console in Subnautica.

  • Open a sub-menu on the left side of the screen by pressing the “F3.”
  • Free the mouse by pressing the “F8.”
  • Remove the tick from the “Disable Console” option
  • Follow the same steps to get out of the menu

For the current session, the console will be available for you while you have to manually enable it again when you restart the game.

FAQs on Subnautica Cheats

How do you enable cheats in Subnautica?

To enable cheat codes in the Subnautica game first press F3 and F8 one by one and then remove the tick from the Disable console option.

What are the best commands in Subnautica?

Depending on you what action you want to perform in this game you can use the different commands accordingly. For me, MadLoot is an important command when I play this game.

Is there a cheat menu in Subnautica?

Yes, there is a cheat codes menu available in the Subnautica and you can easily enable or disable it from the main menu.


Here you can find the complete list of the Subnautica Cheats for your Xbox One and PS4. And can see the complete method to enable and disable the cheat menu in the game.

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