SimCity 4 Cheats List 2022 [All Working Codes]

This article features the complete list of fully working SimCity 4 cheats so you can progress at a much faster pace and survive in the game world without hard work.

Simcity 4 is a 2003 city building simulator by Electronic Arts which lets you become the city planner and start a new city from the ground up.

Terraform the area which is provided to you by building new settlements for residents and grow it into a big city. Commercial, residential, and industrial land zones are available to help you provide citizens with everything they need.

Take the role of the city mayor and progress to buying nearby areas. As the city grows, you have to upgrade the infrastructure and provide citizens with basic necessities such as water, power, and roads. There are a total of three areas in the game, and you can start the city from where ever you want.

SimCity 4 Cheats List

These are all the working SimCity 4 cheats that provide you with a variety of different benefits. They are divided into categories based on their functionalities like some cheats provides you with items while other alter game settings according to your needs.

There are some cheats that require you to press special keys. With this cheat, you get as much money as you want.

CheatsHow to Help You
fightthepowerGet Rid of Power Requirement
howdryiamGet Rid of Water Requirement
stopwatchPause Clock
weaknesspays1,000 added to Treasury
whererufromChange City Name
zoneriaHide Empty Zone Color
golThe map has greenish tint
dollyllamaAdvisors now appear as llamas
recorderStarts the recorder
you don’t deserve itAll Rewards
whatimeizitSet Time
tastyzotsToggle Zots
hellomynameisChange Mayor Name (add a space, then the name you wish to change it to)
sizeofMagnify (1-100)

How To Use SimCity 4 Cheats?

To use SimCity 4 cheats, you need to first have the current version of the game patched, or you won’t be able to access the cheat menu. These SimCity 4 cheats can be activated through the cheat menu only, and you can bring them by pressing some hotkeys from the keyboard.

  • Press “CTRL + ALT + SHIFT” all at the same time
  • Enter the desired cheats from the menu to have more fun.
  • After you type the cheat, hit Enter key to activate it.

Till now, two patched versions of SimCity 4 are available. When you enter valid SimCity 4 cheats, the cheat console will disappear automatically, and you have to access it again to enter more cheats. If the console doesn’t close at all, it means you have entered an invalid cheat, and you have to enter it again.

FAQS on SimCity 4 Cheat Codes

How do you unlock everything in SimCity 4?

To unlock everything in Simcity 4 you have to use the cheat code ‘you don’t deserve it’ and that will unlock everything.

How do I enable cheats on SimCity 4?

To enable cheats in this game Press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT and type the cheat code there and hit enter. Your cheat code will get activated instantly.

How do I make more money in SimCity 4?

To make more money in this game either you have to complete more missions or you can use the money cheat codes which I share here.

Are there cheats available for SimCity 4?

Yes, there are some cheat codes available for this game that you can use to unlock almost everything in this game.


As you can see there are cheats available for SimCity 4 game. And you can almost unlock every single thing in the game using these cheat codes. I hope these cheat codes help you in the game and make your game more interesting.

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