Saints Row 1 Cheats 2022 [Xbox 360 Codes]

Players wanted to reduce the difficulty of the game and still have the same, and only Saints Row 1 Cheats were able to provide the best of both worlds. Saints Row 1 is the first game of the popular action video game series, which THQ released in 2006 on Xbox.

It features a single-player campaign where you take control of a character and fight with other gangs on the city’s streets. There are a total of three gangs, and the story of each gang is different, which you will learn with progressions.

Side missions are available so you can make the most out of your free time and earn respect which is the official currency in the game. Maximize your health or earn some instant money with Saints Row 1 cheats given below.

Saints Row 1 Cheats List

This is the complete list of working Saints Row 1 cheat with a guide to using them. Use these Saints Row 1 cheats at your risk because they can sometimes corrupt the game file.

When you activate them, they will automatically lock achievements, so don’t save the game when cheats are activated and deactivate them first.

CheatsHow to Help You
#nocopsPolice level reduced
#RocketActivates RPG cheat
#K6KrukovActivates Krukov cheat
#TombstoneActivates Tombstone cheat
#GDHC50Activates GDHC 50 chea
#NR4Activates NR4 cheat
#Vice9Activates Vice9 cheat
#MolotovActivates Molotov Cocktail cheat
#pimpcaneActivates Pimpcane Shotgun cheat
#42637867Gamestop/EBGames t-shirt (costume)
555 455 8008Access TNA Taxi Service
555 7296Access On the Fence (Pawn Shop)
555 6238Access The Dead Cow
555 9467Access Legal Lee’s
555 5926Access On The Rag Clothing
#66639Activates money accruement
#AMMOActivates infinite ammo
555 3765Access Brown Baggers
555 2626Access Stocks
#nogangsGang level reduced
#AS12RiotActivates Riotgun cheat
#12GaugeActivates 12gauge cheat
#T3KUrbanActivates Tombstone cheat
#ShepherdActivates .44 Shepherd cheat
#PipebombActivates Pipe Bomb cheat
#KnifeActivates Knife cheat
#GrenadeActivates Hand Grenades cheat
911Slow life regeneration
555 018 0174Access Eagle line Yellow (Taxi Service)
555 5966Access Eye for an Eye Voodoo
555 3863Access Lik-a-Chick
555 3493Access Rim Jobs
555 9473Access Grounds for Divorce
#SPRINTActivates Infinite Sprint
#AQUAActivates and spawns an Aqua car
#10Activates random lightning strikes
1 555 ITS OVERAccess Suicide Hotline
555 2445The guy in a chicken suit

How To Activate Saints Row 1 Cheats?

There is no verified method to use Saints Row 1 cheats, but the below-given guide has worked for us, and it will surely work for you as well. The process to enter all the Saints Row 1 cheat codes given above remains the same.

  • Open Saints Row 1
  • Start a game and access the phone
  • Press and hold “L” or “R” from the keyboard
  • Select the “Dial” option from the phone
  • Enter Saints Row 1 cheat code and hit the “Call” button to activate them

FAQs on Saints Row 1 Cheats

Does Saints Row 1 have cheats?

Yes, there are many cheat codes available for the Saints Row 1 game. And Here we share the complete list of them.

How do you get unlimited money on Saints Row 1?

To get unlimited money in the saints row 1 game you can use the #66639 cheat code and keep repeating it.

What are some cheats for Saints Row?

To cheat in this game you can use #nocops, #Rocket, #K6Krukov, #Tombstone, #GDHC50, and many others we have shared here.

How do you spawn vehicles in Saints Row?

To spawn cars or vehicles you have to use the cheat code #AQUA. And it will spawn your aqua card.


So this is the complete list of Saints Row 1 which you can use on Xbox and enjoy your game. Make sure you follow the correct method to activate the cheats in the game.

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